SD card photo recovery

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Today there was a small crisis at home. My parents and sister came back from a week vacation and when they tried to copy the pictures from the trip on the -Windows- pc, all of the sudden they got read errors from the cardreader. Afterwards when looking at the SD card with another windows pc and the camera itself it was only possible to see 45 pictures on the card (While the total amount should be around 180). I put the cardreader in my linux pc and there I could see 155 pictures, already better than 45 but still no 180 (You could even see it in the numbering, there was a gap between 45 -coincidential or not the amount I could see on Windows- and 79, so still ~30 missing). So I went searching for recovery tools and found a nice (cross-platform!) tool called photorec, a tool included with testdisk which is free data recovery software, open source and gpl’ed. (On Ubuntu: ‘apt-get install testdisk’, this includes photorec) With this tool I was able to recover 145 pictures from the card (not all pictures, but the missing pictures between 45 and 79 were there, so in the end I got all pictures from the card). Now only to figure out what caused this weird behavior, the card itself or the “cheap” cardreader …

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