Epson ALC1100N on Ubuntu Gutsy A64

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Since we have such a printer and it was not working anymore since I installed gutsy I started searching for some solutions. The answer I found largely in this post, however the deb files were not available on that location. So I asked someone with a i386 system to alienate the rpm’s to deb format for me (You can find them here). And the instructions are like this:

  • download the above deb files somwhere
  • sudo dpkg –force-architecture -i epson-alc1100-filter_1.2-1_i386.deb
  • sudo dpkg –force-architecture -i epson-alc1100-filter-cups_1.2-1_i386.deb
  • add a new printer throug: system ->administration -> printing and select for driver the newly added alc1100
  • All done!


Driving slower for the environment?

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Monday and tuesday there is again a smog-alert in Belgium. Due to the fact that there is no wind the concentration of fine dust is peeking and so everybody -in Flanders at least- has to drive 90 km/h on the freeway. As Jan already mentioned this looks more like an excuse from the government and its short time thinking. Some other points on this matter:

  • the Belgian post for example used to transport the larger shipments between the 4 main buildings (Antwerp, Gent, Brussel, Charleroi) by train, the last years they do it by truck. Also 10 years ago i heard stories about our country having to promote more boat-transportation inside the country, never heard from it since. The Belgian government rather promotes road transportation!
  • isn’t driving 90km/h in 4th as much poluting as driving 120km/h in 5th gear? Pointless ruling!
  • company cars are usually chosen by looks, not by polution standards and a lot of them drive a big poluting car with a single driver, shouldn’t these cars be discouraged more if they are not needed for example through extra taxes (unless you can really prove you need it for work/family)
  • last year there was a lot of talks about a taxation -in the form of a vignet- for foureign people to drive through our country, the Netherlands were against this and easily persuaded our government to give up on it, even though they come each year through our country pulling “houses on wheels”, giving more exhaust and so more polution … Why is our government giving in so easily?


Fosdem 2008

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Yes, I will be there!


FOSDEM is a two-day event organized by volunteers to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software.


Music @ Work

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From Paul I got the question what music I like while hacking.
In general I like music which is more instrumental and has little or no lyrics (and not really a rock fanatic).

I usually start the day with Stubru in the car. (not by accident the title of this posting 😉 )
In a relaxed mood I would go for some trance/lounge (first artists that come to mind are Moby and Sven van Hees). Music that makes your spirit escape your body …
But I am also into electronic music (underworld, orbital) and I really like Paul Oakenfold and CJ Bolland. Recently I also discovered some electro mixes from Freejays who make great party music.

I have a wide taste in music, going from classic over retro house to even some goth tracks (a handfull of things that also came through my speakers lately: Placebo, the Cure, Massive Attack …).

My idea is “music you don’t know yet can also be interesting!”

I pass this one on to Bramus! and Bert


Samba Team Receives Microsoft Protocol Documentation

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Around this time you can expect cold temperatures but apparently even hell freezes over! In a blog I read today that the Software Freedom Law Center, signed an agreement with Microsoft to receive the protocol documentation needed to fully inter-operate with the Microsoft Windows work-group server. This means FOSS projects like Samba will be able to use this information to improve their project.


Sed replace newline character

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Since sed parses data line per line normally you need to get the next line in the buffer also, you can do this like this:
cat textfile | sed ‘/.*$/N;s/\n */ /’
the clue here is the /N will put the next line in the buffer.


SMPlayer Qt4 packages!

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This evening I saw a blogpost on Profox blog about packages for SMPlayer, which is a nice cross-platform frontend for MPlayer. It seemed nice but was missing the 64 bit versions and since I run Feisty 64 bit i would liked to have some packages for my architecture. He sent me instructions on how to build them myself and I sent him back my 64 bit versions (Immediatly made a build also for Ubuntu gutsy – the beta version of 7.10 )


Nokia E65 and Ubuntu Feisty

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Since I bought me a Nokia E65 recently and run Ubuntu most of the time, I was looking around to get these 2 to work together, since I found information scattered all over the internet i tried to bundle it a bit at our LUG wiki



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Since most of my music and video’s reside on my fileserver at home I immediately played them from there under Windows. Now under Ubuntu I found it an annoyance that I each time had to mount my fileserver manually under the local filesystem to be able to play music directly from there. This is where autofs can help out!
You just install the autofs package, remove under /etc/auto.master the comment in front of the line:
/smb /etc/auto.smb
Now you can just browse in a file browser to /smb/fileserver and it will automatically mount smb://fileserver in the folder /smb
(and if it is no longer used also unmount it automatically)
A big thank you to “Wdh” from the Ubuntu-nl irc channel for the tip!


How to keep track of a bunch of websites

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Since I started using Firefox I use the tab extensions a lot, I leave a dozen sites open all the time and regularly refresh those tabs, now recently I got a tip from a friend (thanks a lot Dextro!) on how to keep track of a lot of websites and blogs out there without having to keep them open all the time. This is actually a small presentation of the google reader, and I have to admit it works very smooth and saves me a lot of time.