Driving slower for the environment?

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Monday and tuesday there is again a smog-alert in Belgium. Due to the fact that there is no wind the concentration of fine dust is peeking and so everybody -in Flanders at least- has to drive 90 km/h on the freeway. As Jan already mentioned this looks more like an excuse from the government and its short time thinking. Some other points on this matter:

  • the Belgian post for example used to transport the larger shipments between the 4 main buildings (Antwerp, Gent, Brussel, Charleroi) by train, the last years they do it by truck. Also 10 years ago i heard stories about our country having to promote more boat-transportation inside the country, never heard from it since. The Belgian government rather promotes road transportation!
  • isn’t driving 90km/h in 4th as much poluting as driving 120km/h in 5th gear? Pointless ruling!
  • company cars are usually chosen by looks, not by polution standards and a lot of them drive a big poluting car with a single driver, shouldn’t these cars be discouraged more if they are not needed for example through extra taxes (unless you can really prove you need it for work/family)
  • last year there was a lot of talks about a taxation -in the form of a vignet- for foureign people to drive through our country, the Netherlands were against this and easily persuaded our government to give up on it, even though they come each year through our country pulling “houses on wheels”, giving more exhaust and so more polution … Why is our government giving in so easily?

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  1. Jan Says:

    That’s rather short-sighted of you. Your points:
    1) No comment on that one, that’s their policy
    2) The point is that you drive 90 in 5th gear. I can tell you that if you drive 90 in 3d gear you’ll even pollute more, that’s just being stubborn!
    3) I don’t agree on that one. First of all eco-aware company’s really look at what cars they buy, secondly, cars with low exhaust get a tax reduction, and less polluting cars can be “afgeschreven” more.
    4) This isn’t by pressure of only the Netherlands. Our country thrives on its harbors and it’s central position, if you take driving through Belgium for free away, we may lose a lot of economic benefits for, for example, our harbors..

    Just my 2 cents

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  3. Ghosty Says:

    point 2: tried it? staying at 90 in 5th gear is almost impossible, unless you have cruise control which I hope to receive soon on my new company car!
    point 3: if you read today’s article in “het nieuwsblad” (to the side of this article: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/Article/Detail.aspx?articleID=IH1O57LE but i cant find this sidenote online) it says also that the taxation on diesel cars has been reduced and so you don’t pay a lot more tax on say an audi A8 then on a smaller car. And the tax reduction on less poluting cars is not that huge, in other countries they already promote “roetfilters” in our country only for a few cars (according to the article 12 of the least poluting cars, all the rest not) but they give the tax reduction rather to trucks. Advantages on LPG cars are almost non existant and same goes for hybrids like a prius.

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  5. Paul Cobbaut Says:

    point 2: Driving 90kph in 6th (!) gear is easy, just do it.

    Benzine and Diesel got way more expensive the past couple of years, still everybody uses his/her personal car to drive. I say tax it more, double the price for Diesel and Benzine today and more people will take public transport, which will improve public transport, making more people use it…i hope…

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