How to keep track of a bunch of websites

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Since I started using Firefox I use the tab extensions a lot, I leave a dozen sites open all the time and regularly refresh those tabs, now recently I got a tip from a friend (thanks a lot Dextro!) on how to keep track of a lot of websites and blogs out there without having to keep them open all the time. This is actually a small presentation of the google reader, and I have to admit it works very smooth and saves me a lot of time.


Thunderbird and Google Calendar

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I love the idea of having a calendar online to be able to check it from anywhere, but I also like to have a local tool to add and edit my appointments. Since I don’t like outlook a lot (it does not run on my favorite OS) I was looking for an alternative. Now there is a calendar plugin for Thunderbird called “Lightning”, on its own already quiet good, but since Thunderbird 2.0 came out it works with a new plugin called “provider for Google Calendar”, this one makes it possible to import and use your google calendar directly with Lightning. Only a minor downside is that your local Thunderbird does not cache the calendar data from Google Calendar, so if you disconnect your laptop from the internet, you will not see the Google Calendar appointments. An explanation on how to do it you can find here


Got an error?

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Ever wondered what the meaning is of a http error response you recieve, well here is a nice overview