Fosdem 2008

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As so many people already posted bits and pieces of their visit, here also a short overview of my visit to Fosdem 2008:

On Saturday I went to see the opening talks, I was really impressed by the “tux with shades” presentation, it was nice to hear that movie studios are completely switching over to/are running on Linux for creating special effects in movies. In the afternoon I attended a very enlightening presentation about SElinux on CentOS, I had already worked with it a bit, but never really had time to look how it exactly works. I had a short stop at the Mozilla dev room – dubbed sauna.fosdem.org because of the heat!- with a presentation about Thunderbird and to end the day a presentation about Dstat which looked also very interesting to monitor various server performance issues.

On Sunday I did the whole main track about virtualisation, the xen one was not that interesting since it did not go very technical and I had already seen a more in depth one last year. The virtualbox presentation gave a nice overview of the buildup and future development of the software and the openQRM presentation was interesting because it was my first encounter with the software, like Wonko already mentioned definately worth a look. In the afternoon I attended an LVM2 novelties presentation. Afterwards I attended the webscarab presentation: a proxy which enables you to inject code in GET and POST parameters in realtime. I will certainly test this one as security is also part of my job. And to end the day I attended the presentation of CentOS 5 virtualization – which contained actually more topics like how to fastly deploy virtual machines and maintain several of them at once. I had a very nice discussion about this afterwards with some CentOS developers which actually encouraged me more to try out puppet in the near future (not really in the talk, but according to what I read and they told me one of the best tools for mass-maintaining a lot of servers) .

I met a lot of acquaintances (and then to say some years ago I knew almost nobody there) and also got to know a few interesting new people. I’d like to thank the organisers of Fosdem for making it again a splendid event!