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Since most of my music and video’s reside on my fileserver at home I immediately played them from there under Windows. Now under Ubuntu I found it an annoyance that I each time had to mount my fileserver manually under the local filesystem to be able to play music directly from there. This is where autofs can help out!
You just install the autofs package, remove under /etc/auto.master the comment in front of the line:
/smb /etc/auto.smb
Now you can just browse in a file browser to /smb/fileserver and it will automatically mount smb://fileserver in the folder /smb
(and if it is no longer used also unmount it automatically)
A big thank you to “Wdh” from the Ubuntu-nl irc channel for the tip!

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  1. Jan Says:

    Alternatively, just add them to your fstab and they’ll be mounted on boot. This doesn’t help if your fileserver isn’t on 24/7, though.

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  3. Ghosty Says:

    That is indeed not the case, my fileserver gets powered on by wake-on-lan (but this works great!)

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