Accessing your Reiserfs, XFS, lvm, dm-raid, … partitions under Windows

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From time to time I also boot Windows which is still installed on a partition on my desktop. The Microsoft operating system does not have support for any Filesystems that are nowadays mainstream on Linux. I know you can access Ext2/3 with ext2 installable file system for windows but that does not help to access my XFS homedirectory on my desktop. As a workaround I was thinking to try and mount them with VMware running linux but since this did not seem to work a friend gave me the tip to try coLinux and this seems to be pretty easy:

  • install coLinux (see the wiki and docu) and make sure it can access the network
  • add in the config file for colinux a line:
  • cobd2=”\Device\Harddiskx\Partitionx”
    with x the harddisk number and y the partition number (both start from 0, just count the partitions, needs some experimentation perhaps …)

  • under the linux image you can just mount it by
  • mount -t xfs /dev/cobd2 /mnt/mountpoint
    and after that add it to your fstab file.

  • share /mnt/mountpoint using samba (see plenty of howto’s if you don’t know how to do this)
  • Now you can access your linux partitions through the colinux samba share

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  1. Wesley Says:

    Sounds useful. But I guess that the performance will be a lot slower though?

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