Music @ Work

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From Paul I got the question what music I like while hacking.
In general I like music which is more instrumental and has little or no lyrics (and not really a rock fanatic).

I usually start the day with Stubru in the car. (not by accident the title of this posting 😉 )
In a relaxed mood I would go for some trance/lounge (first artists that come to mind are Moby and Sven van Hees). Music that makes your spirit escape your body …
But I am also into electronic music (underworld, orbital) and I really like Paul Oakenfold and CJ Bolland. Recently I also discovered some electro mixes from Freejays who make great party music.

I have a wide taste in music, going from classic over retro house to even some goth tracks (a handfull of things that also came through my speakers lately: Placebo, the Cure, Massive Attack …).

My idea is “music you don’t know yet can also be interesting!”

I pass this one on to Bramus! and Bert