SMPlayer Qt4 packages!

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This evening I saw a blogpost on Profox blog about packages for SMPlayer, which is a nice cross-platform frontend for MPlayer. It seemed nice but was missing the 64 bit versions and since I run Feisty 64 bit i would liked to have some packages for my architecture. He sent me instructions on how to build them myself and I sent him back my 64 bit versions (Immediatly made a build also for Ubuntu gutsy – the beta version of 7.10 )


Nokia E65 and Ubuntu Feisty

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Since I bought me a Nokia E65 recently and run Ubuntu most of the time, I was looking around to get these 2 to work together, since I found information scattered all over the internet i tried to bundle it a bit at our LUG wiki



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Since most of my music and video’s reside on my fileserver at home I immediately played them from there under Windows. Now under Ubuntu I found it an annoyance that I each time had to mount my fileserver manually under the local filesystem to be able to play music directly from there. This is where autofs can help out!
You just install the autofs package, remove under /etc/auto.master the comment in front of the line:
/smb /etc/auto.smb
Now you can just browse in a file browser to /smb/fileserver and it will automatically mount smb://fileserver in the folder /smb
(and if it is no longer used also unmount it automatically)
A big thank you to “Wdh” from the Ubuntu-nl irc channel for the tip!


How to keep track of a bunch of websites

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Since I started using Firefox I use the tab extensions a lot, I leave a dozen sites open all the time and regularly refresh those tabs, now recently I got a tip from a friend (thanks a lot Dextro!) on how to keep track of a lot of websites and blogs out there without having to keep them open all the time. This is actually a small presentation of the google reader, and I have to admit it works very smooth and saves me a lot of time.


Ubuntu Feisty geforce 4 420 Go black screen problem

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When I installed Feisty on my laptop (it was still running Edgy) I’ve been having trouble with my laptop Geforce 4 420Go video card in combination with the NVIDIA driver. The problem, like most other 420Go users, is the BLANK SCREEN problem, after you boot the screen goes black (or white since your back light is still on)
Those of you having similar problems if you have a Geforce4 420 Go 32MB.
The 9631 driver is looking for a CRT monitor and not and LCD (those of you having the problem on LCD monitors)
to fix this:
edit your xorg.conf
go to Section “Screen”
below defaultdepth, add:
Option “UseDisplayDevice” “DFP”